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Marachekku oil machine manufacturers in coimbatore are more prominent for their best innovation of traditional machines. Let's move on to the content and check how are these beneficial in the following content.

Basically, the different types of oil extraction methods are

  • cold-pressed/chekku oil
  • Conventional
  • Solvent extraction
  • Expeller pressing

What are the different types of machines?

  • Refining oil machines
  • Natural oil extraction machine

In major nowadays, oil is extracted by refining method at 230 degrees. This kills the natural organisms that live. It is the marachekku oil machine manufacturers in coimbatore who customize a healthy extraction machine that will reproduce the high-energy persisting oil.

Why do we need such a specified oil? What is the relationship among oil and extraction machines? In the past, huge rocks were used as a base in the form of vessels and cows were used to rotate the sticks made of siris tree as human being find it difficult to rotate the tree trunk. But, the positive aspect is it does not kill the organisms as well they are extracted at a temperature below 35 degrees which will assure a stable, steady and healthier lifestyle.

Don't we need a naturally manufactured oil without loosing the vitamin E, omega-3, omega-6 and the healthy organisms that gradually decreases our body to fight against the blood pressure imbalance, variation in sugar levels,etc. Rather we use the high temperature treated, bleached, hydrogenated oil.

What does a manufacturing machine do?

  • 1. Decides on the nature of the output material.
  • 2. As well as the usage of the manufacturing material must be
  • 3. easily modified
  • 4. fulfil the consumer requirements
  • 5. quality product output
  • 6. hygienic work process
  • 7. Less expensive
  • 8. Better revenue generation.

An oil extraction machine needs to be

  • Easily cleanable
  • Easy handling without much complication.
  • Maintaining atmospheric temperature during extraction is very important in oil manufacturing.
  • Not loosing healthy nutrients or other health benefits.
  • Impeccable natural taste
  • Electricity

What do we experience from natural oil extract?

  • Extra pure virginity without any adulterant addition.
  • Produce premium and top-quality product as a result of natural extraction machines.
  • Original, aromatic products
  • Perfect blending
  • No colouring agest
  • Lowest Heat treated
  • No preservative addition

Create a company with remarkably skilled professionals working on the best product that is manufactured by the top Marachekku oil machine manufacturers in coimbatore. A Traditional method of oil preparation. A guide to the healthy future starts from the food that we consume daily.


We hold 40 years experience in manufacturing custom fabrication and custom machineries. We manufacture machines of different extraction quantity that is suitable for small-scale(3kilo grams) or large-scale(40kilo grams) oil producing companies.

A safe machine that is easily operated by women workers too. Our machine holds multi-rpm speed options that is between the range of 1 to 4. 40 % less less power consumption with 8% more yield. For new business starters our machine is cent percent profitable. We use quality wood in our machine manufacturing.

We have semi-automatic and fully automatic machines. The size of the machine is compact. The manufactured machines are long-lasting without any drawbacks.

Our plus….

  • Best manufacturing
  • Less time consuming
  • More yielding
  • Least manpower
  • Minimal space
  • Quality product
  • Minimal electricity
  • 24 hours customer service
  • Door service availability

Reach us and paveway for a healthy future…

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